I am a doctor of medicine with many years of experience in various disciplines in clinic and private practice. I have worked as a doctor both nationally and internationally.


In 2016, I was trained as a mediator at the Berlin Academy of Mediation (Berliner Mediationsakademie).


As a registered nurse, I worked in the field of internal medicine.

Medical journalist

For many years I have written articles on health issues for the general press / women’s magazines such as Vital, Frau im Spiegel, etc. I was editor-in-chief of a gynecological journal (GynDepesche), editor-in-chief of the supplemental health magazine of DER SPIEGEL and managing editor of a magazine for persons with multiple sclerosis. My books


I hold lectures on among other things on highly sensitive people, Midlife-Care, microbiome and nutrition.

Co-Founder, Managing Partner 

In 2006 I co-founded HEALTHadvisory, a company for films promoting occupational health and safety for persons whose work stations involve computer screens and other visual display units.  I had been on the advisory board from 2017-2020.


As a medical journalist, I have covered a wide range of health-related topics. These include stress and microbiome research, cancer therapies, nutritional and environmental medicine, epigenetics as well as TCM, Ayurveda, alternative medicine, phytotherapy, psychosomatics, and psychology.