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Wishes expressed by clients the initial consultation:

“I want to be healthy again. I don’t want to be in pain anymore. I want to live more stress-free. I want to feel more energetic. I want to just feel again. And laugh. I want to allow myself to be happy – alone or with my partner. I want my life back.”

The period between the ages of 40 and 50 is considered to be the rush hour of life: family, career, many obligations and duties. You feel worn out; physical and mental reserves become exhausted. Hormones fluctuate; headaches and back pain as well as emotional distress increase. Relationships are at risk. You feel out of touch with yourself.

In my book, Midlife Care, I use the expression of “activating your inner doctor” for the process of recovery. Which physical and mental resources can be utilized to improve your symptoms? Which specific attitudes, wishes, and needs positively affect your health and zest for life, which undermine them? How can you achieve a balance?

The main focus of my work is to support you in activating your self-care and self-efficacy so that you get well or stay healthy.

I offer individual and couples consultations.

I look forward to meeting you!


As a doctor, I have worked in the fields of anesthesia, internal medicine, and neurology. I did my PhD in immunology. I am also a registered nurse.

As a medical journalist, I have been writing articles for well-known women’s magazines such as Vital, Frau im Spiegel, and Amica for over twenty years. I have worked as editor-in-chief of a gynecological journal and the supplementary health magazine of DER SPIEGEL.

As a medical journalist, I cover a wide range of health-related topics. It is important to me to share my knowledge with many people. The prevention campaigns launched by my former company HEALTHadvisory have reached more than 100,000 employees at firms such as Siemens, Deutsche Post, and AOK. With my editorial articles and books, I reach millions of readers. Among these publications is Prof. Michalsen’s bestseller Heilen Mit Ernährung (“Healing with Nutrition”) in which I had a essential part in writing, as well as my current book Midlife Care – Wie wir die Lebensmitte meistern und die Kraft unserer Hormone nutzen (“Midlife Care – How we master midlife and use the power of our hormones”). In 2021 it will be available among others in English.

I decided to train as a certified mediator after seeing how conducive good communicative skills are to avoiding stress and achieving self-efficacy. Another issue that lies close to my heart is high sensitivity. I have written two books and held lectures to therapists and highly sensitive people and their families in self-help groups.

However, my profession tells only half the story. In my private life I am a mother, partner, daughter, sister, granddaughter, and friend. Whether marriage, family, divorce, child, or longer periods of living abroad – the ups and downs of everyday (female) life are familiar to me from several perspectives.


1st step: Desire for advice and goal

Diagnosis of health issues due to stress, hormonal imbalance during perimenopause or menopause, weight and obesity, or unhealthy nutrition; due to a chronic illness or toxic relationship; due to negative beliefs or convictions, unsatisfactory communication patterns, psychological burdens; mental blockages; an unsatisfying work environ

ment, lack of meaning.

Step 2: Successful self-care

Uncovering emotional memories and blocks. Reflecting on self-sabotaging behavior through shame, anger, doubt, lack of trust, self-reproach, self-abatement, lack of self-love.

Step 3: Emotional balance

Integration of feelings that have often been buried or neglected for years or decades.

Step 4: Powerful self-efficacy

Activation of your individual physical, psychological, and mental resources. Prioritization of tasks, time management, setting limits. Development of positive beliefs. Practice clear communication. Realization of retreat areas (physical and temporal).

Free informational call: In a short phone call we discuss your concerns, a date for a more detailed initial meeting, and the costs. Please contact me using the contact form below. Briefly state your concerns and whether you would like me to contact you by phone or video call.

Initial Consultation: We discuss your previous history, any existing findings, and your consultation goals.

Follow-up consultation(s): We work on your issue on a deep level and in a targeted manner. We focus on effectively strengthening your self-efficacy. Even a single hour can lead to improvement on different fronts.

I recommend 8 to 10 sessions for all 4 steps to healthy self-care. We assess your individual needs transparently and adapt them to the progress of the consultation.


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